Links, July 30




Edge of Tomorrow review
Final Interstellar Trailer Could Ruin You For All Other Scifi Movies
Bulletpoints: Maleficent
The latest teaser trailer for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay
Godzilla Haiku
RoboCop and the surveillance state


Katy says v good things about film About Time
I Want to be the Time-Traveler, Not His Wife


Ayn Rand’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer
It’s history, Jim, but not as we know it. the worst shit ever around
And They Lived Heterosexually Ever After: Why I’m Not Recapping Once Upon A Time Anymore
Texts from the Federation
The Real History of Science Fiction: SERIES PREMIERE
You Can Build An Adventure Time BMO That’s Almost As Good As The Real Thing [Video]


Links, July 6


One Scene: The Cranes Are Flying
Here’s Your First Look at Ryan Gosling’s Electric Directorial Debut
Christian Grey: Brony
Ridley Scott Addresses ‘Exodus’ Casting Controversy
The Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer Is Here in All Its BDSM-Lite Glory
Well Done by a Medium: ‘Magic in the Moonlight’: Another Woody Allen Odd Couple
Something You Never Realized About Jackie Chan. This Is Amazing.
Don’t Mistake Your Best Friend for a Mirror: On Sophie and Frances Ha
Ninja Turtles Movie 1
Ninja Turtles Movie 2
Twitter joke took five years to pull off — but totally worth it for Rocky Horror fans

Simon Pegg’s Rocky Horror quote in party episode of Spaced: “I hate it. It’s boil-in-the-bag perversion for sexually repressed accountants and first-year drama students with too many posters of Betty Blue, The Blues Brothers, Big Blue and Blue Velvet on their blue bloody walls.”

Interview: ‘Belle’ Director Amma Asante On Her Charged & Groundbreaking Period Drama
Werner Herzog Motivational Posters are the Best Thing on the Internet
Everything That’s Happened in the Sony Leak Scandal
I Just Watched The Notebook and Am Here to Ruin It for All of You
44 Things We Learned from the Out-of-Print ‘Fisher King’ Commentary
How American Psycho became a feminist statement
10 Real Life Inspirations Behind These Iconic Disney Characters
Disney Princesses With Beards
Here’s The Craziest, Most Thorough Nicolas Cage Prank Ever Pulled
On the question of whether Haneke would make a film about Hitler
Great Misandrist Moments In Film
Kristen Stewart’s Performance in Jenny Lewis’ “Just One Of The Guys,” Annotated
Netflix Watchlists

Ever Say Never Again: On the History and Future of James Bond

Indiana Jones Mystery Package
For those of you who have wondered as hard as we have how we came to get this Indiana Jones journal: we have our solution.

Links, June 25


The 40 Most Breathtaking Abandoned Places In The World
Witches and Wicked Bodies: Imagining the ‘Other’
Go for gothic
The Shock and Horror Picture Show: Étienne-Gaspard Robertson and the 19th-century phantasmagoria
While evil stars whir: Terror and Wonder at the British Library
The Face in the Glass: Mary Elizabeth Braddon and the Victorian Gothic Tale
Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination: a review
Death Becomes Her: The Dark Arts of Crepe and Mourning
Dan Cruickshank and the Family That Built Gothic Britain
Vintage Gothic: tales of the macabre
How to tell you’re reading a gothic novel – in pictures
Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination: British Library Site
Fan Girls and Fangbangers: gender and the Gothic audience
Witches and Wicked Bodies: TimeOut

Links, May 26


How Riker sits in a chair
Kirk lives in the moment
episode by episode is Kirk a womanizer table
inappropriate ST Christmas ornament
Which Star Trek Captain Are You?
Star Trek gif
Texts from Deep Space 9
Texts from Star Trek: The Next Generation
Our New Favorite Tumblr: Texts From TNG
Star Trek TNG Ambient Engine Noise (Idling for 24 hrs)

Starbucks vs Game of Thrones
George R.R. Martin Appeared on Gay of Thrones and It Was Everything
How Much Would It Cost to Actually Throw a Game of Thrones Wedding?
Littlefinger, IT Consultant
28 “Game Of Thrones” Characters Transported To The ’80s And ’90s
There’s a Game of Thrones Summer School Class at UVA
He Would Never: Thoughts on Game of Thrones’s Fourth Season
Game of Thrones, Season 4: “Breaker of Chains” by Sarah Mesle: ‘Do I Have a Champion?’


The Star Wars Expanded Universe: A Eulogy
Song Premiere: Neko Case, Kelly Hogan – “These Aren’t The Droids”: meh
Best of the Worst: The Star Wars Holiday Special (FOR REAL)
Star Wars Characters Invade Thomas Kinkade Paintings
stupid children don’t understand star wars
Han Solo Cosplay Pinafore
Best of the Worst: The Star Wars Holiday Special (FOR REAL)
Star Wars Expanded Universe Book Covers And The Feelings I Have Had About Them, Fifteen Years Later

Links, May 1

Patricia McKillip – Wonders of the Invisible World
Lee Battersby – The Corpse-Rat King
Remembering Leonard Nimoy: A Rabbi’s Eulogy
The Strange Horizons Book Club: Academic Exercises by K. J. Parker
The Changing Style of Doctor Who X: Continuity and Violence
Abseiling. Oh Alan Garner.
Panoramic animations offer “romantic overview” of dystopian future cities
A floating McDonalds, abandoned for the last 30 years.
Your Problematic Is Fave
So Much Action Is Squeezed Into This Sixty-Second Trailer For JONATHAN STRANGE & MR. NORRELL

INFOGRAPHIC: Word Counts of Famous Books

I Used To Think Maybe You Loved Me (Now Baby I’m Sure): The Reconstruction of the Supernatural Fangirl this was a good discussion of the bizarreness of the self-aware canon negotiating with its fans, though it lost me a bit on the mechanics of how Marie was used to discipline fandom
Uhura and Aging
I Ship It: A Short Film

Critical Hand Gestures
How to Create Your Own Post-ac Job
What Happens To Your #Postac Application: From Submission to Interview (Gover)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Does Not Exist
How To Tailor a Job Letter (Without Flattering, Pandering, or Begging)
“I’m the Ideal Candidate for Your Position!”
Those 12 Sentences: Evaluating Cover Letter Advice

BBC Writersroom interviews comedy writer and script editor Andrew Ellard
9 Fundamental Fears that Motivate Your Characters wank
Things I Can Say About MFA Writing Programs Now That I No Longer Teach in One

Can a White Author Write Black Characters?
7 Offensive Mistakes Well-Intentioned Writers Make when writing about race
How Zadie Smith Is Trying to Wake White Writers Up
From ‘Uncle Tom’ to ‘The Help’: Can white writers tell black stories?
Can white writers write non-white characters?
Is My Character “Black Enough”? Advice on Writing Cross-Culturally
White Writer, Black Characters: Bad Idea?
Transracial Writing for the Sincere
10 Great Resources for Writing Cross-Culturally
Writing Race: A Checklist For Writers
Notes from SCBWI Winter Conference

More pictures are passing the test, although in 2014 still 25% of the released movies has women who only discuss men between each other. Explore data on more than 5,600 films released since 1892.
Flux Capacitor (review of Aeon Flux)
If Critics Wrote About the Male Best Director Nominees the Same Way They Write About Selma Director Ava DuVernay.
Watching Father Brown
Why women love ‘Jupiter Ascending’

The Secrets of Over The Garden Wall Revealed! – Virtual Jordan<–I find this kind of annoying?

what could be done to improve modern art appreciation in museums
h32 Paintings Paired With Quotes From “Mean Girls”
Thorne Miniature Rooms
What It’s Like To See 100 Million Colors

@SuperSpacedad layin’ down truth about Twitter

Paddington (film)


I was so suspicious of Paddington. Not because he is an immigrant. Or because of his terrible record of causing property damage. No, because I took one look at the CGI gloss of the Paddington bus-adverts and thought it must be one of those tedious Shrek-sequel affairs. I expected dated-even-as-they-hit-the-cinemas, faux-daring yet actually milquetoast-safe pop-culture references, an anxious need to tell jokes constantly (like a parent trying show they’re ‘down with the kids’), that said jokes would be of poor quality (same). These movies seem to have an incredible embarrassment about and discomfort with being films for families. “Shouldn’t we be somehow gritty? Lethal Weapon for the under-10s, plus fart jokes?” All that unbearably adolescent 90s comics shite.

Paddington was not that film. Paddington was an excellent film, and I cried and repented and loved it.

Full review here