End of Year Writing Review, Award Eligibility


Kirk Drift has been long-listed for the BSFA this year, which is cool, and I’m possibly eligible for the Hugo for fanwriter or related work, so, consider me, I guess?

‘Related Work’ is a broad church that should maybe go to a full volume or larger project, though, and ONCE AGAIN I think this should go to Black Spec Fic II, the 2016 count (see last year’s argument for that). Given this, ‘fanwriter’ is probably the better shout. I also consistently admire Maureen K. Speller and Aishwarya Subramanian‘s contributions to the field. If you were looking to recognise someone or something great, these would be good picks. Last year I said Nussbaum, and so did you, so I now believe firmly in my own magical predictive power.



2017 In Review Part One  (my part: 212)
God that’s bad, re: SH. I hadn’t realised I’d done so badly by them this year. Must do better this one.



*homed my Love and Friendship and my Pride and Prejudice and Zombies pieces*

Where Are All the Gay Valentine’s Day Movies?, Screenrant (866)


Student Support: A Tale of Two Libraries (2017) (hah)
Draft of magical charm chapter (34937)


David(s) Copperfield, paper for HFRN (first version 3843)
Five Dickens Articles: the JoJo/Ridiculous Dog Edition (4592)
Dickens’ The Cricket on the Hearth, 1845 (8479)
All Adaptations of Dickens’ ‘David Copperfield’ (1992)
David Copperfield: Timeline of Events (ACTUALLY MOLLY KATZ, SOME NOTES FROM ME)
Dickens’ The Battle of Life (1846) (8839)

For the Dickens Society Blog:






Bacchae, Big Echo (1540)

Golem (761)
A Year Without the Taste of Meat, Sharp & Sugar Tooth (forthcoming) (2343)
Couched in a Curious Bed, Manifold (forthcoming) (8322 at latest edit, something like 10k in the longer version)

Currently Homeless SFF:

if the sky holds (965ish)


Dinner Plans, Gluttony (6687)
Rereading, Owning It (out imminently) (5257)*
Solo Exhibition, Corrupted (OUT FEBRUARY) (4594)*
*Not SURE I didn’t write these at the end of last year? But they’re re-written and placed now, so eh.

Currently Homeless Erotica:

Lawful Evil (6996)
Rumpelstiltskin (9286)
“For who are so free as the sons of the waves?” (9295)
“she would cast him to the Wolf, the Wolf should have him” (6344)
Coming Alongside (5013)
Senbazuru (4025)
Bunkmates (8046)
Post-Production (6926)



aha a tough question.

I ended up writing 5k more on B——–.



Total fiction: 96298

Personal story planning, correspondence, essays and private-lj blogging: so much

TOTAL (minus the substantial last category): words this year, ‘published’ in one form or another: 247,824

WAY down from last year, damn.



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