Christmas 2017


Christmas Eve food—French onion dip and pimento with handmade mayo, mince pies, pate, meat, cheese, crisps, nuts, dried fruit, oranges, membrillo. Katy made bacon and walnut fougasses. (That’s Samira’s hand, she and her sister Namu came over.)


Christmas breakfast: pumpkin gingerbread waffles with buttermilk caramel rum syrup I made.


Courtesy of my sister Meghan, the cats have enjoyed the cat advent calendar, cat stockings and cat Christmas Dinner (well, Sasa hates the dinner, but.). Also, Sasa’s Compliments of the Season!

Peking duck with trimmings, goose fat roast potatoes, mutton kottu roti stuffing, orange cranberry relish, pigs in blankets, Italian Parmesan Brussels sprouts, sweet potato wedges.


Cutting into the Christmas Cake I made (I did not go easy on the home-made marzipan).

My gifts to Katy. The vase is late Victorian vaseline glass.

Katy’s gifts to me—the red vines apparently got her to the shipping charge. 🙄 I had a conniption at the zine she had made. And she got me these, which have already seen the front lines in the syrup wars.

Gifts from my family to me! Inexplicable cake pop molds?? HIGHLY EXPLICABLE TEA AND USED FOLIO BOOKS!!

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