a terrible journey into really really digging ‘nirvana in fire’: episode summaries, part 1


Just watched Nirvana in Fire ep 1&HOLY SHIT, fill up the big pipe, this is the crack for me


Nirvana in Fire has salted the slugs, it has fertilised my crops. I used to have TB but this show cured me.

EPISODES 9 & 10:

Watched 2 eps of Nirvana in Fire. In the first Mei told Jing his army wasn’t well-disciplined and Jing wept with shame on the inside until he drowned.

Also if you’re a person who liked the Gallifrey audios, I’d get in on Nirvana in Fire for the next-level backstabbing&reveals!! action.


This week on Nirvana in Fire, Nihuang finally called Mei on his metric ton of bullshit, then cried a lot. Jing was super keen on exposing tax evasion in shipping. The Ministry of Personel is trying to dodge an audit bc Civil Service is ancient&forever.

EPISODES 13, 14, 15 & 16:

This week on Nirvana in Fire, @MollyRKatz begged me to stop calling the Artist Formerly Known as Tigger “Tigger”. ‘It’s Yujin! You can remember it like Eugene Wrayburn!’ This is absurd as they are nothing alike, so of course I will remember it until the day I die.

So it’s New Years, which is Mandarin for Christmas Special. Knowing this makes some sense of the sequences of all the regulars peacefully eating dumplings&idk seasonal shit. Once again I try to figure out how MANY people Dickens would have killed for this ‘write the novel, manage the TV show&do the Not Christmas Special’ gig as Yujin has touching reconciliation with Daoism Dad&an unexpected character arc.

What’s more Christmassy than a murder mystery involving dead palace eunuchs? Absolutely nothing. Meng gets flogged a LOT bc the Emperor is a crap manager, but flogging seems to be essentially a hangover. Meng spends many days v curious as to location of aspirin. Lady Detective is on the case. Prince Jackass (No the Reasonably Competent One) tries to get on the case, but trips over his own robe in doing so. Jing is still interested in civil service. The Empress decides to tighten security. Her assistant is like ok chief we got some low level skivers some poisoners, shit to look into, various degrees of unco–

‘Y E P’ (bc of course Yu’s adopted mom is Like This, should have seen it coming).

Mei is using Jingrui’s native goodness to force him to investigate his own family without realising he’s doing it. Meanwhile Yujin, OF ALL PEOPLE, is like heeeeey, what if–what if Mei? is not? actually on team Prince Jackass? What if he KNOWS Yu sucks?? They whisper ‘woah’ at one another in Mandarin for perhaps an hour.

Oh also there was a big Thing about Jingrui’s birthday and would Mei come, &Mei got his ‘I will 💯 ruin your birthday’ face on. Idk what the plan is but it’s not to jump out of a cake. We didn’t see what Jing was doing over New Year’s, but earlier hateful Yu invited him to his party, so i imagine that hilarious awkwardness went down.

EPISODES 17, 18&19:

Today on Nirvana in Fire, we watched like 4 episodes. Mei had a weird house party with a weaksauce game, &Fei Liu literally scared badass Banruo by jumping out at her. Meng&Nihuan didn’t respect my boy Jing enough&Nihuan left the narrative to get her hair done or something. Yu killed 125 people bc Banruo said it was an awesome opportunity, Jing did disaster relief & Consort Jing had to put up with her absolute bullshit husband’s self-indulgent crap.

Prince Start Some Shit from Southern Chu is here trying to get something going&powder his nose, with many holiday and Lady terms. Jingrui’s Mom may have fucked the Southern Chu ambassador back in the day??

The music swells&the last ep ends on the promise that Mei will INDEED fuck up Jingrui’s birthday 🍰 . WHAT THE SHIT IS HE GOING TO DO AT THIS PARTY 🎈 THAT MERITS A 4 EPISODE BUILD UP?!

I’ve learned a lot from Nirvana in Fire for ex if you’re having a conversation you’re not feeling rn you can stop it mid-sentence hell mid-WORD by just going ‘ninwaaaaaaaah’ & showing a picture of a ship.


Well is was finally Jingrui’s birthday and never never ever invite Mei to your birthday party. Gong played an emo song, and [Jingrui’s] 1st mom felt the tunes. Then Jingrui’s 2nd dad nearly got exposed for murder. Then the Princess of Southern Chu said she was Jingrui’s sister bc 1st mom DID INDEED fuck Prince Ambassador.

‘But how does she know when Jing could be either family’s baby in the G&S-ass baby swap plot?’

BINCH U R MISTAKEN. Jingrui’s always BEEN 1st mom’s kid for realz&she may have switched the babies&gotten his–bro? doppleganger? her BFF’s son? KILLED ON PURPOSE? BC HER CRAY DUBCON HUSBAND WAS TRYING TO KILL THE ILLEGITIMATE SON IN HIS MERCILESS QUEST FOR POWER?? BUT HE ‘DID IT ALL FOR HER’??

So anyway Gong’s dad was the assassin, the Marquis has 800 soldiers of pissed, and Prince Fuckface Yu is parked in an alley like ‘sup’ LOVING this opportunity to wear his Wartime Colour Scheme&take down the crown prince’s chief adviser.

I know like only @MollyRKatz has ever seen this show but BY GOD IF I TALK ABOUT IT LONG ENOUGH ONE OF YOU BASTARDS WILL TRY IT!


THIS WEEK ON NIRVANA IN FIRE: arrows fly as Mei firmly cements his status as Jingrui’s Least Favourite Cousin, plummeting the MySpace ranks.

The instant the Marquis sent for backup to sliiide between the troops you could see Mei track-changing onto ‘worst case scenario’ in his brain. Also, Jingrui spent this ep in the sunken place, in full trauma coma, his hair: terrible, for the 1st time in his life. Evil Marquis Not-Dad traps 15 characters in an ornamental pagoda, where they’ve run, or in Mei’s case, where they’ve walked sloooowly. Battle Barbie Prince Yu teams up with Boy Detective and Daoist Dad, but it’s Dowager Princess Auntie Badass who saves the day. Dowager Princess Auntie Badass skewers Battle Barbie Yu on a dagger so her bitch nephew will listen to any other human for 5 min together, then the scene just cuts. Nin-fucking-wan until next time. ⛵️



it is NOT well-written /as an English document/, but for a fic someone genre-shifted NiF from a historical romance to a period-analogous Shenmo story https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gods_and_demons_fiction

The intro is a history of Daoist semi-divine magic use and its formalisation as a system that at the end turns out to have been written by a dead historian via planchette consultation? I respect the labour involved.

EPISODES 22, 23 & 24:

THIS WEEK ON NIRVANA IN FIRE: with the worst birthday ever finally over, Mei has to pretend to let Yu figure something out. This excruciating process over, he sits in a cell with Evil Marquis&gets the dish, which the Marquis serves hot.

Mei stations prince Jing and Dong in the next room so they can hear that Dong’s boss&this fuck set up Mei’s family and killed Dong’s husband. Jing wants to give Dong a hug but she’s like ‘no, Jing, I’m too butch for that’ so he just stands near her in a supportive fashion.

The marquis is fucking LUCKY that his wife likes him like honestly it’s an inexplicable gift from god. She offered him the chance to kill himself w honour but this cray motherfucker is clinging to life w his teeth. Even peacing our into exile he’s still a dick to his sons.

Dong shows up to be like

Yu has a new outfit for the new year, and is altogether too pleased with himself about it.

Jing is STILL CRYING ABOUT HIS BOYFRIEND 12 YEARS LATER HE IS THE FUCKING PENELOPE OF THIS NARRATIVE, he’s like Mom I’m *sniffle* so gay&she’s like there there baby, I know.

Jing tells Mei he wants to act on the info they’ve received and clear his dead bf’s name (aka Mei, who is Not As Dead As Rumoured) whatever it takes&Mei doesn’t jump him or cry but it’s a near fucking thing. They also discuss horse provisioning. Anyway.

GREAT GRANDMOTHER DIES!!! her last words are slash dragon from merlin level trolling. Mei hacks up a lung in distress&he&Jing angrily fast. Yu&Crown Douche can’t hack it, bitchily share snacks in about the funniest scene thus far.

Ninjuang shows up to get cried on. Moist.

Jing enjoys his mom’s medicinal soup, which sounds unlikely but it’s her birthday so all respect to him for saying so. Emperor Toxic Masculinity has to show up&make it about him/put everyone on edge. Jing’s handmade soup cools as he presents mum w jade ornaments she didn’t want.


I thank god every day that there’s not a big English language Nirvana in Fire fandom because it keeps me safe from the ‘I lurve Avon, I HATE BLAKE’ fannish impulse that would cause me to kill again.

‘Prince Jing was annoyingly hot headed, impulsive, and yet towards the end he showed his gentleness and maturity around his best friend.’

jump directly into the sun thx

It’s ASTOUNDING how exactly the same fannish character reception dynamic will play out LITERALLY ANYWHERE, K/S did this A LOT, B7 with Blake and Avon, Buffy fandom could HATE Buffy when Spike was involved, &it SHOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE re NiF but of course: wobble selected.


THIS WEEK ON NIRVANA IN FIRE: Banruo’s spy network gets eroded by Mei. We learn that she inherited it from a Princess of a kingdom this one absorbed, &they have an epic Revenge of the Colonised plot. It’s tough bc the tribe’s being Sinicized. Banruo’s 4th sister ponders the value of revenge, &what could be enough. They’ve gotten the 70k person army that conquered them killed. Banruo won’t stop until the Kingdom breaks up, even though she knows she CAN’T reform their tribe. You could say it’s an uneasy parallel of Mei’s Good, Lateral, Masculine Revenge (powerful to powerful) versus Banruo&her ‘sisters” Bad, Horizontal, Feminine Revenge, but idk if it’s that simple, or if this colonial situation is fully viewable through a contemporary lens. Yes&no?

Yu visits Mei unexpectedly, Meng gets stuck in the Secret Passage for hours&Jing shows up to share it with him awkwardly. They try to read the same book, it’s a tube commute basically.

Katy claims Jing smiles ‘for the first time in the whole program’ when his shitty dad gives him permission to visit his mom whenever he wants. Palace Ladies shade one another about soup while Consort Jing is 1000 yrs too old for their shit. Duke Mu sulks.


Woah, the SHOW Nirvana in Fire is thus far super oblique about Yu and Banruo’s Thing, but the novel (meh fan translation, nothing else is available) is blatant.

Very Unfulfilled

This is a fucking Fanfic Avon description I am going to need this novel to 🛑

When will this get professionally translated I’m like on a WordPress fansite? And NOT ALL THE CHAPTERS ARE TRANSLATED?


EPISODES 26, 27 & 28:

THIS WEEK ON NIRVANA IN FIRE: Banruo’s still trying to spy-network-crack Mei’s place. Jing&Meng get stuck in that passage again, this time with added Fei Liu, who lets slip that Mei still calls Jing his childhood nickname. Mei covers badly, Jing’s heart shrinks a size.

Jingrui leaves for Southern Chu to meet his biodad after a fierce cuddle with Yujin. Jingrui’s leave-taking from Mei is amazing, some of the best writing/thinking in the show&strikingly different from anything I’ve seen on tv before.

Mei asks Meng to get his notebook back from Jing&Meng is about as good at delicate social requests as Trump would be at open heart surgery. Jing’s given it to his mom, who will ABSOLUTELY notice Mei’s veiled allusion therein to Mei’s mom, 1 of her 2 dead bffs. She notices. Consort Jing knows there’s SOME REASON Mei hasn’t told Jing so kind of has to go with it?? She’s all JING U MUST RESPECT THIS PRECIOUS TREASURE, LIKE, BOTTOM SOMETIMES– ‘mom, I already–‘ PROMISE!!

Jing’s all ‘mom why do you now send daily desert platters tagged ‘to my beautiful perfect daughter in law’ to my strategist?’ NO REASON!!

The crown prince finally disgraces himself&the Chief Eunuch does General Meng a solid while Meng’s like WHAT IS ‘A SOLID’ IS IT A STATE OF MATTER OR???

Jing gets officially bumped up a rank, Yu SEEEEEEETHES&chews off his own arm, the Empress attempts to shade Concubine Jing but she is as the sun&cannot be shaded. AN EPIC MONTAGE OCCURS. People are starting to realise Jing is a boss bitch.

Jing has a super hot male assistant that presumably he likes to unlustfully look at for reasons of pure aesthetic appreciation&bro-loyalty before retiring every night to cry about the Less-Presumed-Dead bb!Mei.

Jing meets with the Minister for Revenue (remember the fireworks shipping field trip? that dude) who asks him to take over disaster relief from Prince Fuckface Yu, who thinks Disaster Relief rhymes with ‘year-end bonus’. Jing TRIES, but is defeated by Yu’s greater mastery of Not Being The Cordelia.

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