Strange Horizons: 2015 in Review

Erin Horáková: How many people are going to say Steven Universe? Enough to make my naming it entirely superfluous? I won’t gush here because I have a review to do it in. I’ve already enthused about Over the Garden Wall and Paddington, so I’ll just say again: they are worth your time. (I swear I don’t exclusively watch children’s programming.)

I had a strangely “meh” Fringe—I saw nothing either awful or revelatory. I am so deeply over the Marvel franchise that new offerings fill me with a profound emptiness, like the Nothing from The NeverEnding Story. I am past both hope and fear for the new Star Wars: I think it will be bullshit, but I survived the prequels and Abrams’s Into Darkness and nothing can hurt me now.

I did a shamefully small amount of book-reading this year because I fell in love with a “new” fandom (it isn’t new, it’s old as the hills and I was into it at fifteen: it’s more like a weirdly successful adult fling with someone you dated in high school) and was busy frantically reading everything, ancient archives and zines. I wish that my reading had been more respectable/shareable, even as I think it’s dumb to crave that kind of legitimacy and that fandom is valid. I now have a bevy of thoughts on the mechanics of smarm: y’all, it’s fascinating. I wrote a lot in said fandom, which was fun, but trading reading for manic hyper-production really isn’t something I want to do every year.

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