Links, July 24

Scalded by Coffee, Then News Media
Hamilton Jewelers Robbed on Sunday Afternoon
17 News Headlines That Are an Instant Facepalm
Black-eyed ghosts and giant mutant rats: the scare stories that nearly destroyed Britain in 2014
Woman Discovers Dead Body of Queens Man in Luxury Spa With Her Toe
SOMALIA: Renowned female artist and MP Saado Ali Warsame shot dead in Mogadishu
Boko Haram may have just killed 2,000 people: ‘Killing went on and on and on’
Woman saves three relatives from Ebola
Pope Straight Up Excommunicates All Mobsters from the Catholic Church
This Kid Is the Best Thing to Happen to Local News Since Explosions
No, A ‘Supercomputer’ Did NOT Pass The Turing Test For The First Time And Everyone Should Know Better
Watchdog now treating universal credit as ‘new project’ after successive delays
Delta learns the hard way that Ghana doesn’t have giraffes
Woman Who Shot Missile Into Car Has Most Florida Name EVER (EVER)
Uzbekistan’s feuding first family and the mystery of the president’s missing daughter


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