Links, July 15

Editor’s Note: An Apology To Our Readers
Fingerprint Words: The verbal tics that make up who we are—and how they spread to others.
Farley Mowat sent me the best rejection letter I’ve ever received
Accomplish Something Past 30? Too Late
Pacemaker Writing Schedule
Free Indirect Discourse: this is the writing mode I naturally fall into unless a story requires a POV limitation for some reason
the use of parentheses on twitter
Cruelty and Criticism
Don’t kill your darlings
How To Respond To Criticism
Tone Deaf Fiction
author bitching about review
how to format a short story for submission
TLC Slams Rihanna for Constant Nudity, Rihanna Throws Shade Right Back
Rose Lemberg on Language Hegemony
perils of the writing community
How to Tell if You’re in a MFA Workshop Story
If Strangers Talked to Everybody like They Talk to Writers
Don’t Attack Reviewers
Dear The Toast and The Butter: Please Fix Your Rights Grab
Le Monde editor quits after power struggle with top staff
A Memoir Is Not a Status Update: disagree, but v interesting
Passive Voice and Zombies
The significance of plot without conflict
Stories We’ve Seen Too Often
Aaron Sorkin Upset Writer Broke the Sacred Trust of the Writers’ Room


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