Links, July 14


The 10 Most Expensive Photographs in the World
Formica Punk
Museum of Water
Skull Armchair by Harow
Valley of Dolls: A Bizarre Town in Japan Where an Artist is Replacing Departed Residents with Life-Sized Dolls
Ravi Varma’s Women Rejecting Proposals
Remembrance Sunday 2014: Tower of London poppies extended as London commemorates WWI centenary
Carol Rossetti Women
A Man Invited Strangers To Draw On His Volkswagon Van And It Turned Out Amazing
25 Ilustraciones tributo al Día de los Muertos por jóvenes artistas latinos
Covent Garden Market Is Either Floating Away, Or This Is The Best Artwork Ever
FortyPortraits in FortyYears
The weird world of Adam Wallacavage
mechanical bird
Photographer Laurie Simmons takes us into the dollhouse
Unsatisfied Women In Western Art History
Women Who Are Not Having A Great Time In Western Art History
How Etsy Changed the Rules & What It Means for Indie Designers
Jacques Monestier: automata maker and sculptor
Surface to Structure: An Origami Exhibition Featuring 80 Paper Artists at Cooper Union
The Printed Pot
WiFi Dowsing Rod
iBookshelf: Simulation before Extinction
Mud Computer
Bone Chair
American nightmares: the photography of William Mortensen
Thieves Make Off With Museum’s Most Valuable Docents
This Parisian Art Is Supposed To Be A Tree But It’s Actually A Massive Butt Plug
Beauty and the east: allure and exploitation in post-Soviet ruin photography
41 Eerie Photos of Abandoned Soviet Buildings
Western Art History: 500 Years of Women Ignoring Men
The Cloud is an interactive lamp and speaker system, designed to mimic a thundercloud in both appearance and entertainment
Only Yesterday stills
“We’re Fine Here, How Are You?” Normal Moments In Art History Where No One Is About To Get Murdered
Eugene de Blaas
This “Doodler” Was Supposed To Be Dirty, But An Artist Showed Us A Better Path.

I Am Joe Scanlan: “Joe Scanlan is the artist who supposedly teaches at Yale and Princeton Universities, and whose Donelle Woolford project was one of the major framing works of this year’s Whitney Biennial. As intended, the project has set off a healthy and robust debate about the realities of race, class, and gender privilege within the art world, culminating in the decision of the Yams Collective to withdraw from the Biennial.

Now that the Whitney Biennial is over and the critical debate around it has subsided, I feel it’s time to put this project to rest: I created Joe Scanlan.”

dolls with good clothes
doll w creepily realistic face
Midori doll


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