Links, July 3


Law tutor has teaching hours removed
Great ideas for seminar teaching: A range of innovative tips for making seminars interesting and productive
Enough’s Enough: Contract teaching at a Canadian University
Where Do English Ph.D.’s Get Jobs? It Depends on Where They Studied. –
The Gradual Devolution of My Goals as an English Teacher
21 Teachers Who Couldn’t Quite Believe That Michael Gove Got Sacked
How To Talk To Babies About Marxist Theory
How To Talk To Babies About Gender Theory
“The appointment of a historian whose work is unfamiliar to most historians shows scant regard for the impressive scholarship that now characterises the study of Indian History and this disregard may stultify future academic research”
No End in Sight: Academic Research and “Time Off”
Slavoj Žižek Gets His Hair Cut
Why Did This Marxist Philosopher Plagiarize a White Supremacist Magazine?
Belle Knox Loses Her Financial Aid
An Interactive Chart Of Which Jobs Your College Degree Actually Gets
Crime Studies
Should You Have a Baby in Graduate School?
The Clever Stunt Four Professors Just Pulled to Expose the Outrageous Pay Gap in Academia
The Professor Is In: The Curse of the Interdisciplinary Ph.D.
Bertrand Russell’s Chicken
Cash-strapped students given rent-free accommodation in nursing home – if they hang out with pensioners
Spurious Correlations
Thomas Docherty to face insubordination charge in tribunal
Carol Dweck: The power of believing that you can improve
Procrastination: Cultural Explorations:A ONE-DAY INTERDISCIPLINARY CONFERENCE

Not applying for this conference about Procrastination, but it’s interesting, and if I did it would be like–the procrastination that comes out of Freudian not wanting to do it, or like that article about depression, framing procrastination as in some ways a–response/resistance to pressures? Like the role of silence in responses to genocide. I mean ******obviously****** the scale admits no comparison, but it might be useful, as with depression, to frame the inaction as the defiance of some portion of a divided self, and as potentially political.

Farah Mendlesohn on rigor
Need a College Roommate? Here’s an App to (Maybe) Weed Out the Crazy
Griselda Pollock in running for Civilisation role
Shimer College: the worst school in America?
‘Spoiled’ Teen Who Sued Parents Gets a College Scholarship
University Doge Prank
Sample of a Decent Body Paragraph
Gendered Language in Teacher Reviews
On Being a Poor Student at an Elite University
25 Deeply Painful Ph.D. Student Problems (Besides Your Thesis)
College Majors, 1970-2011: Share Of All Bachelor’s Degrees Awarded By Field
Chile students’ debts go up in smoke
Announcing the Historical Fictions Research Network
Fan Studies Network conference 2014
What to Call your Academic Event
one-of-my-students-cried-during-silent reading
What’s the Point of Academic Publishing?
Online Students Give Instructors Higher Marks If They Think Instructors Are Men
Discourse on the Otter
OGOM Company of Wolves Conference: Extended Call for Papers
academic sentence generator
Terri Bomb’s Reviews Cruel Optimism
Marking Boycott Explanation
A `Bad Writer’ Bites Back, By JUDITH BUTLER
A PhD student receives a rejection from a journal. Here is how she and her supervisors responded
Shut yer face! I’m fed up being ridiculed for my regional accent in academia
Seven ‘great’ teaching methods not backed up by evidence
Academic Writing Pact: Christmas 2014
Confessions of a Grade Inflator
Escape the Academy: Militancy and the University
The Royal Explorers’ PhD: w.t.f.
PhD students: what to do if you don’t work well with your supervisor


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