Links, July 2


Why Bugs Bunny Is the Most Progressive Character of All Time
Retta’s Annoying Seat Filler Keeps Tweeting Annoying Fat Jokes At Her
Outlander Is the Historical Smut of My Dreams
Yahoo Rolls the Dice on TV
The Macho Twist That Sunk the Fargo Finale
13 ThinI Claudius charactersgs I Learned Binge-Watching Orange is the New Black Season 2
Russell Brand on Rolf Harris: ‘It makes you feel like you have to revise your own childhood’
New Worlds episode guide
Let’s Talk About Sex: Lady Mary Samples the Goods on Downton Abbey
Top 10 Women Who Could Replace David Letterman
Why We Need More ‘Ugly’ People On TV
Tracking the Life of Young Sally Draper, TV’s Best Teenager
Could Hannah From ‘Girls’ Really Get Into the Iowa Writers’ Workshop?
If Malcolm Tucker’s Sweary Quotes Were Motivational Posters
Outlander: Are You Kidding Me Right Now With This Witchcraft Shit?
Disney is Making a High School Drama Show About the Kids of its Most Famous Villains
Things We Saw Today: Our First Look At the Disney Villain’s Kids From Descendants
First Look at Kristin Chenoweth as Maleficent In the Disney Channel’s Descendants Is Angelina Jolie Light
All The Fictional Movies On ‘Seinfeld,’ Ranked
Best Contestant Ever Solves Wheel of Fortune Puzzle With One Letter
‘Girls’ Finale: Director of Iowa Writers’ Workshop Weighs In
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Trailer Is Here and It’s a Cult Classic
Creators of OITNB and Transparent Butt Heads at New Yorker Festival
Outlander Recap: OMG, They Finally Really Did it
What Gilmore Girls Gets Right About Money and Love
Exclusive Interview: Bryan Fuller on ‘Hannibal,’ Clarice Starling & Barney


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