Links, June 23


(meh–I dislike some of their casting choices, and the mood’s fucked)

New play by Robert Shearman to debut in London
Holy shit! Matthew Barney’s insane new film/opera/thing comes to London
The Hard Problem
Fringe 2014, part 1
The Hunger Games is Coming to a London $tage for $ome Rea$on
Dirtbag Henry IV
45 Hamlets for Shakespeare’s 450th birthday – in pictures
Best Shakespeare productions: what’s your favourite Hamlet?
Macbeth – review
Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll, adapted for the stage by Daniel Winder
She Acted All 12 Zodiac Signs. She Nailed Yours Perfectly?naff
Till a Richard Killed Who?
Alan Jay LernerDerbyshire actor John Hurt condemns savage cuts to arts spending
These Photos Of John Malkovich Recreating Famous Portraits Prove He Can Play Basically Anyone
Video of a Man Walking Backwards through Tokyo Played in Reverse
Donmar Warehouse’s “Julius Caesar” – Broll (Excerpts)
The National Video Archive of Performance
Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales told in a London basement
“Bright Star”: Globe’s Reward For the Faithful
Hattie Morahan on the Changeling

Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales: An Immersive Fairytale for Young and Old review – ‘Instagram theatre’
Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales for Young and Old


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