Links, June 22

Here’s James Franco’s Incoherent Essay About Fucking Lindsay Lohan
Leo's Pussy Posse in 2014: A Power Ranking
Katy Perry Visits Salem, Meets Witches, Casts Spells
Prayers Answered: Video of the Jamie Lynn Spears Knife Fight Is Here
Shade Court: Grandmas, Martha Stewart and ESPN Should Stick to Sports
No One Wants to Talk To Kristen Stewart Because She's Famous
​Martha Stewart Throws Major Shade at Gwyneth Paltrow's Goopy Lifestyle
Scott Disick's Absurd List of 'Summer Essentials' Costs Over $450k
NASCAR Driver Kurt Busch Claims Ex-Girlfriend Is a Trained Assassin
Jennifer Lawrence Thinks She Sucks at Everything Except Acting
My Life as a Celebrity Friend-for-Hire
Angelina Jolie Suffers Extreme Makeup Malfunction
Oprah's 'Favorite Things' Will Run You $13,054
Kanye West: 'In Order to Win at Life, You Need Some Kim K Skills'
God Bless Blake Lively And Her Dumb Lifestyle Blog
Chronicling The Paranoid, Psychotic Descent Of Randy And Evi Quaid
Things I Learned About Rich People From the Goop Pop-Up Shop
A Dazzling Math No One Can Taste: The Twitter Teachings of Jaden Smith
Lady Gaga Requests Paparazzi Photoshop Candid Images of Her
Johnny Depp to Testify in Bizarre Murder Trial
Here is Kate Middleton Photobombing A Fan's Selfie in New Zealand
LiLo Tells Her Mom She Has 'No Right' to Come to England, Is Wrong
Celebs Lose Millions of Followers as Instagram Deletes Spambots


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