Links, June 17


Why Gandhi Is Such An Asshole In Civilization
Steve? the Protagonist of Every Game
Game Magic icons, translated
Videogame Marathons, Then and Now
Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer – E3 2014
Goat Simulator
Assassin’s Creed: Unity criticised for widespread glitches
Burning the Library, by Hazel Monforton

Trouble at the Koolaid Point
A Man Is Making Bizarre, Terrifying YouTube Videos About Brianna Wu
Lady Gaming
The Only Thing I Have To Say About Gamer Gate
Who The Hell Keeps Calling Me?
Team Four Star and GamerGate
Teacher: “Don’t be a creep. Embrace women in gaming.” GamerGaters: Welcome to “the House of Pain.”
How Chan-Style Anonymous Culture Shapes #gamergate
Greg Costikyan – Gamersgate: STFU
Why bother with #gamergate?
Destiny developer startled awake by police, sheriff’s helicopter after faked 911 call

24 Times “Cards Against Humanity” Was Too Real
Two players die at world chess event in Norway

[OSR D&D] Actual Play Report – Social Justice Warriors vs. Castle Ravenloft, Sessions 1 & 2
Boda Borg
Nordic progressive larp (or simply Nordic-style larp): “Nordic progressive larp (or simply Nordic-style larp) is a movement in larp that is emerging from the Nordic countries and one that has generated great interest in the larp, gaming, theatre and performance art communities in Britain and Ireland in the last few years. Nordic-style larp is traditionally different from larps in other parts of the world and involves a strong sense of artistic vision and creative collaboration. For more on Nordic-style larp see”


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