Links, June 5

A tale of two conventions
Open Source Boob Project
The Wanderground: what academic conferences can learn from SFF cons
What I Did On My Holidays (Nine Worlds, LonCon3)
An Open Letter to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America by some annoyed knob
WisCon Subcommittee Statement on Jim Frenkel
Man shrooms at Comic-Con, texts existential crisis to his girlfriend
Worldcon and Nine Worlds
A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again: Supernatural Corporate-Cons
World Science Fiction Convention 2014 beams into London
Erasure Comes In Many Forms – A ReaderCon Report
AN’s Worldcon schedule
Conventions, hierarchies and forced diversity

Hugo Aftermath
Vox Day and the Hugos – Why We Should Just Say No.
Obligatory Hugo Nomination Reaction Post
The 2014 Hugo Awards
Another Day, Another Hugo Controversy
The latest Hugo awards storm
Hugo Award nominations spark row over diversity in sci-fi
The 2015 Hugo Awards: Why I Am Voting No Award in the Best Fan Writer Category
kate_nepveu on Mixon
The Wheel of Time and the Hugo Voter Packet
Do I Dare Disturb the Universe re judging Hugo slates ‘on their merit’
Hugo Nominations

“dude [Lovecraft] was basically scared of his own shadow but that was probably because his shadow was black”
— FuegoFish, delivering a SICK BURN (via retroactiveeurydices)


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