Links, June 30

Poorly Drawn Lines webcomic
‘christ, what an asshole’ comics
The Sponsor
Response to The Sponsor
Another Comic Book Artist Can’t Stand Change, Competition; Writes Whiny Post About Cosplayers
“Brian Wood has every right to be a part of comics. To make books and make a living unhindered. I believe that. I also believe his behavior is a symptom of a much bigger disease. A disease of silence, where you go along to get along. And you never say anything about your experiences because the harm to yourself and perhaps to others will be monumental. That’s not okay. And it has to change.”
The Rather Surprising Fate Of Sabrina The Teenage Witch (SPOILERS)
Katy Perry & Katy Keene
Oh… (comic about bear)
Obscure Cities scans


Links, June 29


Sturgeonblogging: Kenneth Schneyer’s “Selected Program Notes from the Retrospective Exhibition of Theresa Rosenberg Latimer”
Sturgeonblogging: Alaya Dawn Johnson’s “They Shall Salt the Earth with Seeds of Grass”
Sturgeonblogging: Will McIntosh’s “Over There”
Sturgeonblogging: Val Nolan’s “The Irish Astronaut”
Sturgeonblogging: Sarah Pinsker’s “In Joy, Knowing the Abyss Behind”
Sturgeonblogging: Robert Reed’s “Mystic Falls”
Sturgeonblogging: Gregory Norman Bossert’s “Bloom”
Sturgeonblogging: Vylar Kaftan’s “The Weight of the Sunrise”

Noted: Lloyd Arthur Eshbach on “logical developments”
Books read 2014 (Ethan)
Different things do different things
In order to respond to Jonathan McCalmont
Blanchot Teletubbies

Short Fiction Snapshot #9: “A Dweller in Amenty” by Genevieve Valentine
Short Fiction Snapshot #3: “In Metal, In Bone” by An Owomoyela
Short Fiction Snapshot #7: “The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling” by Ted Chiang

RH on Thai YA
Requires Hate closing post
Lies, Misrepresentations and Reports
Athena Andreadis on Requires Hate
Why did you out requireshate on ello and not livejournal?

Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History, edited by Rose Fox and Daniel José Older
On a @StrangeHorizons #LongHidden Review and Voice
much respect to @strangehorizons who responded with grace and honesty, as I thought they would. I engaged them b/c I believe in what they do

Links, June 26

The Twin Diagnoses
Angelina Jolie Knows that Being Mega-Rich Makes Motherhood Easier
Mom Flips Out Over Nurse Wanting to Speak Privately With Teen Daughter
Woman Spends Thousands on Fake Babies Despite Having 4 Kids Of Her Own
Hiding Your Pregnancy From the Internet Is Shockingly Difficult
My Rich, Pregnant Friend Is Asking for Money Instead of Baby Gifts
We Need to Talk About Women Who Regret Motherhood
Repository for Germinal Choice
Hospital Throws Woman Out of Waiting Room for Breastfeeding Her Baby
18 Children’s Notes Made Hilariously Inappropriate By Spelling Errors
Today I will bury my daughter so do me a favour
The Long Road To Finding A Family
Briefly, we had a daughter
Hundreds Attend Little Girl’s Party After Classmates Turn Down Invite
Clueless Mom Doesn’t Get Why Her Kids Hate Her
British Expat Parenting: The Trial of Having American Kids
Fired Nanny Who Refuses to Leave Sets Conditions for Moving Out
Kid writes the best letter from camp EVER
Artificial insemination
34 Hilarious Photos Of Kids Losing It Over NOTHING.
I Don’t Want To Make A Fucking Wish
These parents kept a huge secret from their kid for years. You have to see why.
25 Examples of Questionable Parenting
Mom Gets Anonymous Hate Mail For Talking About Her Baby Too Much
The “Official” CNN Pregnancy Test Is a Total Nightmare
CNN Pregnancy Test ~ Saturday Night Live
Gwyneth Paltrow Just Got Owned By Working Moms
Scottish Discover Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Are Confused and Horrified
VIDEO: Toddler rages at her mum for laughing during her Frozen singing session
How to React to an Ugly Baby
A new father’s portrait goes viral after his baby’s projectile poop ruins the shot.
For Sale: Bullshit European Baby Scooter Made of Wood and Smugness
Woman Gives Birth an Hour After Learning She’s Pregnant

Links, June 25


The 40 Most Breathtaking Abandoned Places In The World
Witches and Wicked Bodies: Imagining the ‘Other’
Go for gothic
The Shock and Horror Picture Show: Étienne-Gaspard Robertson and the 19th-century phantasmagoria
While evil stars whir: Terror and Wonder at the British Library
The Face in the Glass: Mary Elizabeth Braddon and the Victorian Gothic Tale
Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination: a review
Death Becomes Her: The Dark Arts of Crepe and Mourning
Dan Cruickshank and the Family That Built Gothic Britain
Vintage Gothic: tales of the macabre
How to tell you’re reading a gothic novel – in pictures
Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination: British Library Site
Fan Girls and Fangbangers: gender and the Gothic audience
Witches and Wicked Bodies: TimeOut

Links, June 24

Dorothy L. Sayers, Gaudy Night
Wimsey novels timeline
Gaudy Night – Dorothy L Sayers
The mind, the heart, sex, class, feminism, true love, intrigue, not your everyday ho hum detective story: Dorothy Sayers’s Gaudy Night
(Re)placing John Donne in the History of Sexuality
Stella Rimington on Dorothy L Sayers
Paul Kincaid on Murder Must Advertise
The Great Nutrax Row (The Mother of All Office Kerfuffles) by AJ Hall
Campanology Forum
Shell Shock, Emotional Resilience and the Cultural Memory of the First World War: A Literary Perspective

Detective Fiction Scholarship: why do we ignore the experts?
Reading Wednesday: Agatha Christie
Odd book sections in bookshops: can you beat ‘cosy crime’?
May Day Special: A Hearse on May-Day by Gladys Mitchell
Her Name Was Trouble With a Capital L
Book Review: Sex, Crime and Literature in Victorian England by Ian Ward
Queens of Crime
Rediscovering the Great Gladys
Here Comes a Chopper review – an amateur sleuth to rival Miss Marple

“Because now, added to the interest of the murder itself, we can delight in the picture of society that the novels afford, in the way that a photograph of a long-gone street scene can fascinate and charm.

We have not just a country mansion dinner party with unexpected guests, and the aforementioned headless corpse, but a portrait of Britain emerging from war, with memories of the blackout and of horrific death still fresh; interestingly, there is nothing much about rationing, but the details of one meal are faithfully and approvingly recorded. As for the identity of the murderer, and the nature of the clues that lead to his or her discovery, I’m afraid I long ago gave up trying to work out whodunnit in this kind of yarn. I just let it all wash over me, soak up the atmosphere, and revel in the character of the detective (which is the main point of these stories, when you come down to it). I am delighted to have made Mrs Bradley’s acquaintance.”

Links, June 23


(meh–I dislike some of their casting choices, and the mood’s fucked)

New play by Robert Shearman to debut in London
Holy shit! Matthew Barney’s insane new film/opera/thing comes to London
The Hard Problem
Fringe 2014, part 1
The Hunger Games is Coming to a London $tage for $ome Rea$on
Dirtbag Henry IV
45 Hamlets for Shakespeare’s 450th birthday – in pictures
Best Shakespeare productions: what’s your favourite Hamlet?
Macbeth – review
Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll, adapted for the stage by Daniel Winder
She Acted All 12 Zodiac Signs. She Nailed Yours Perfectly?naff
Till a Richard Killed Who?
Alan Jay LernerDerbyshire actor John Hurt condemns savage cuts to arts spending
These Photos Of John Malkovich Recreating Famous Portraits Prove He Can Play Basically Anyone
Video of a Man Walking Backwards through Tokyo Played in Reverse
Donmar Warehouse’s “Julius Caesar” – Broll (Excerpts)
The National Video Archive of Performance
Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales told in a London basement
“Bright Star”: Globe’s Reward For the Faithful
Hattie Morahan on the Changeling

Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales: An Immersive Fairytale for Young and Old review – ‘Instagram theatre’
Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales for Young and Old

Puss in Boots, Diana Wynne Jones


I like this innovative presentation of a short story. One pound for this nice little thing. It’s a good idea, I wonder if it paid? I don’t know the original story that well, so can’t comment on Jones’ adaptive choices. If DWJ is good at illustrating the whole of a personality, she’s also good at a different form of characterization that derives from reactions to situations and events. Macro vs micro? Pacy, round incident and dialogue–a great ‘fleshing out’, and very simple too.

I also like the way this retells a fairy tale without–an obnoxious, sophomoric, ungenerative 90s comics need to scream ‘fuck you dad!!’ and grimdark the thing? Sooo maaaany fairy tale retellings try and ‘punk’ the text without really *getting* the darkness already embedded in the text. Not that this “Puss in Boots” is particularly redolent of tension between the canny and the un–but Jones embodies the story in a way that’s fuller and more satisfying than it might have been if she’d chosen to buck the text without some real reason to do it, some objective such fighting works in the service of. Fighting for fighting’s sake isn’t terribly interesting or generative, and often seems to reify rather than destabilize structures. Like what Ethan Robinson says about the fail condition of subversion being reification.

The Fanghorn illustrations are fine, but don’t particularly do much for me. Weird because they seem very touted on the back cover and the title page, like that’s a thing I should have come for.