Links, May 12

Husband Animates A Joke Told By His Drunk Wife. The Result Is Hilarious!
21 Jokes Even The Most Intelligent People Might Not Understand: annoying title
Explanations To 15 Jokes Only Smart People Can Understand
The Best Lines From The Summer 2014 Issue Of The New Pioneer
the only card I will ever send
Let’s Make Fun Of: Anthropologie Furniture
Priest claims to be receiving text messages from the Devil after performing exorcism on Polish girl… causing Satan to possess her mobile phone
Best Craigslist Ad Ever. This Man Is A Genius.
25 Socially Awkward Things We All Do, But Will Never Admit.
30 Things We All Did In Primary School. #15 Was Absolutely Humiliating.
10 Missouri Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate or… not
How To Emotionally Devastate A Very Specific Type Of Person
7 Painful Lessons Taught By Ceiling Fan GIFs
If Winnie The Pooh Were Actually Regina George From “Mean Girls”
Samuel Beckett motivational cat posters
What Girls’ First Names Say About Them
Britain Attempted To Celebrate 420 Yesterday And It Was About As Successful As You’d Expect
honest store hours
kind of amusing promo for Denver
Every One Of Man’s Priorities Unrecognizable To Grandfather
This Is What It’s Like to Receive a Package of Glitter
These Dance Moms Social Justice Routines Will Blow Your Mind Open
‘Bad Santa’ sends message to Harrods
The FBI’s fingerprint files
Seventeen Rocks That Just Can’t Even
Patrick Stewart In A Dancing Christmas Hat
Break time in any basketball game can be boring, but this time something unique happened. This Celtics’ fan becomes suddenly possessed by the spirit of Bon Jovi
Here’s a Reenactment of the Best Bath & Body Works Rant of All Time
Watch Will Ferrell Perfectly Lip Sync to ‘Drunk In Love’
22 Things Only A Boss Bitch Will Understand


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