Links, May 7

What. Are. These Mockingjay Photos?
Capitol Couture
District 3
District 7
District 4
District 6
District 12
District 10
District 9

OMFG It’s Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Dress
For the Bride Who Has Everything, a 400-Pound Wedding Dress

Glass vial pendant necklace
Eyebrow Tutorial

Whipped cream cherry shoe
Ice cream shoe
teeth shoes
Victorian Maiden clothes
HOW MUCH OF HOT TOPIC’S NEW MALEFICENT CLOTHING LINE WOULD YOU WEAR?: “I’m not exactly looking forward to Disney’s Maleficent, but damn, I would wear the hell out of several of the items in Hot Topic’s new Maleficent Fashion Collection, available for pre-order starting today. Other pieces look like they belong in a ’90s goth teen movie à la The Craft, which is its own kind of charm.”
Weekend Special: Lust Objects & Current Fashion Research
An Anonymous Sephora Employee Is Here to Answer Your Questions
Deep Cuts: 10 Clearance Items You Must Buy So That I Do Not
Johnny Weir’s Pre-Kentucky Derby Hat Is a Thing of Beauty
Vegetabrella, An Umbrella That Looks Like a Head of Lettuce
Introducing Barefoot Z’s (April Fool’s joke)
comedically hideous disney engagement rings


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