Links, April 29

L’ili pika, adorable animal menacé d’extinction
One Person, Two Sets of DNA: The Strange Case of the Human Chimera
A little girl has been feeding some crows, so they started bringing her gifts
Woodpecker shown flying with weasel on its back in amateur photographer’s amazing image
31 Epically Adorable Pictures From The Norwegian Forest Cat Show
A Visit to Aoshima, a Japanese ‘Cat Island’

Stunning photos show London’s police at work from the 19th century to present day
No one could see the color blue until modern times
Singing the blues
Archaeologists find two lost cities deep in Honduras jungle
Uncommon Ground: a word-lover’s guide to the British landscape
Burma’s bizarre capital: a super-sized slice of post-apocalypse suburbia
No One Lived In This House Since 1956. When He Moved Inside? UNBELIEVABLE

Mom, I Have Two Boyfriends: How I Discovered I Was Polyamorous at 27
It was, at the Very Posh Sex Party, as it ever was.
Hey, Big Spenders: How Much Did Your Wedding Cost?
When Brides Get the Post Wedding Blues
Woman’s Hero Neighbors Laugh Her Stupid Boyfriend Out of Her Building
Mom’s Important Message to Boy Who Likes Her Daughter: Stop Trying
Second thoughts and confusing feelings after a breakup
The Geek Social Fallacies of Sex.
How to Throw a Bachelorette Party That’s Actually Fun
Craigslist Dude Wants Hot Roommate/GF Who Will Follow Insane Demands
The Eternal Debate: Can You Ever Really Be Friends with Your Ex?
The Knot’s Street Campaign Is a Cute Celebration of Terrible Marriages
He Proposed. You Said … No? Tell Us Everything.
My Favorite Lines from the Premiere of Sex Box, With Zero Context 
Woman Divorces New Husband Because She Can’t Take His Ginormous Dick

Not stuff I endorse, just stuff I’ve been reading, organized thematically.


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