Greencrook’s Photography

Hey you like beautiful things, right? Was impressed today by my immensely talented friend Greencrook‘s  photography.



It’s elegant and well-composed, and the colors and shapes are very pleasing.



I particularly like the quail eggs in rows and this egg/toast/blue-white background. Her work could be commercial-looking or twee, but instead it’s frank and somehow touching–the vulnerable, muted little eggs.


This one with the roof and the bare tree and pink blossoms is good too! A lot of her photography enchants the ordinary. The tower block, an old-plate, the detritus around the house, frying eggs. The groupings are often poignant. I think her background comes through in the Franco-Asian aesthetics that seem to govern her visual grammar. The quiet spaces of the photographer’s personality start to murmur audibly in these–she photographs  objects, buildings, only ever parts of people, but it’s really personal work.



Fall/Winter diptych

Check out her photography tag for more. Relatedly, check out her art tag.


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