Strange Horizons: 2014 in Review

Erin Horáková: I spent a chunk of this year doing Worldcon planing and paneling, and now that the dust has settled I still . . . don’t entirely know how I feel about cons (and I suspect my issues aren’t something Nine Worlds etc. could address). I got some fiction and academic work on genre published, which was nice and will hopefully happen more in years to come.

I enjoyed: reading more Diana Wynne Jones, the genre content at the Fringe (“Beowulf” in particular), classic British genre telly, and the gorgeous comic series LES CITES OBSCURES. I got a bit fond of WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE (though not rhapsodically so). I’m still reading T.H. White’s THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING books, but I had to slow down to catch up with Malory (the series being richer and funnier if Malory’s fresh in your mind). The ATTACK ON TITAN sub and PUELLA MAGI MADOKA MAGICA were great, and PRINCESS JELLYFISHbecame one of my favorite stories about the social and emotional experience of being a nerd.

I read/looked at Worldcon nominees specifically for voting for the first time, and was surprised by how naff a lot of entries were. Like, I expected to be choosing between a host of strong options, not . . . two contenders and objective shite, in a few categories. Is it always like that? Jesus. I DESPISED Meathouse Man and I am still pointedly not speaking to Who—I say that every Moffat-year, it’s my “and Carthage must be destroyed.”

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